Application Form for agent


Welcome to apply for the franchise of Mamalook Wise kids English, please answer the following questions, and we promise will strictly keep confidential for the information you’ve filled in. we will invite you to our Head office in Beijing for further discussion after your preliminary and qualifications are considered eligible.


Personal Information 个人信息

  • 1.Name 姓名:

  • 2.Gender 性别:



  • 3.Date of Birth 出生日期:

  • 4.Marital Status 婚姻状况:



  • 5.Qualification 受教育程度:






  • 6.Mobile 手机号码:

  • 7.Email 邮箱:

  • 8.Profession Nature 工作性质/当前工作:

  • 9.Annualincome 年收入:

  • 10.Investment amount 预投资金额(万元):

  • 11.How do you know us? 您是通过何种途径了解到玛玛洛可的?






  • 12.Experience 您是否从事过教育行业?



  • 13.When do you want to start 您计划何时启动项目?



  • 14.InvestorComposition 您计划是独资,还是合资?



Craft and item cognition 行业及项目了解

  • 1.What’s your initial intention for entrusting in Mamalook Wise KidsEnglish franchise?


  • 2.How do you descriptthe Kids English education and its prospects in China?


  • 3.How do you know about Mamalook Wise-Kids English?


  • 4.What is the mainadvantage for your company (you) to operate mamalook?


  • 5.Which District (City) you prefer the most to start Mamalook Wise-Kids English?


  • Which District (City) you prefer the most to start Mamalook Wise-Kids English?


    I hereby confirm that all the information provided is complete and correct; it can be used as the basis for evaluating the qualifications of entrusting agent .


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  • Data 日期:

    Thank you for your support and attention to us. If you have any questions in the process of completing this form please contact us immediately. All the information in this form should be truthful and accurate. Mamalook Wise-Kids English has the right to ask the applicants to provide further information. If there is any information which does not relate with the facts, Mamalook Wise Kids English has right to terminate the agreement we have reached immediately. We will secure the information in the table strictly and keep it confidential.